Our HIstory

Fiberglass Systems was founded in 1988 by Jim Probus. Fiberglass Systems was specifically catering to the marine industry and specialized in mold making and boat restorations.

In 1995, the company relocated to Orlando, FL; where there was a larger demand for the composite industry.
For the next six years, Fiberglass Systems was involved in numerous projects varying from the development and fabrication of Parabolic Antennas and Doppler Radars to architectural design and fabrication for major theme parks.

In 2001, Fiberglass Systems combined efforts with Proslide technologies of Ottawa Ontario Canada to ReGel Coat two of the Waterslides at Wet and Wild in Orlando.

Upon completion of the Wet and Wild project, research and evidence was found that the Gel Coat we developed for the marine industry was excellent for the restoration of waterslides. This discovery and the large demand for skilled composite specialists in the slide industry launched Fiberglass Systems and the expertise of its technicians into the Water Park Waterslide restoration industry.

Since 2001, Fiberglass Systems has been exclusively dedicated to the restoration and installation of Waterslides and has successfully completed hundreds of projects Nationwide as well as Internationally. 

Fiberglass Systems takes extreme pride for our renowned professional and ethical reputation and high quality of product that we deliver to our customers.

Our intent is to keep our customer for a lifetime.

Fiberglass Systems believes the client always comes first and will go to great lengths to make sure all of our customers are satisfied beyond their expectations.